UBL Connect Cloud Software Platform

UBL Connect is a flexible software platform that is the foundation of our IoT programs

UBL Connect:  The Ultimate Solution for your IoT Devices

UBL Connect is the cloud software program that allows you to answer any question, track every item, and deliver on business value in real time.  


Download, install and get started

The UBL Connect App is available on the Apple Store or Google Play.  Just download the app and get started managing your IoT program.

Easy to use:

  • Download UBL Connect App
  • Attach IoT device 
  • Register devices
  • Get started
UBL Connect Asset Trackers
Object Manager

Device Registration

A key to any IoT system is easy device registration.  UBL Connect has several option including:

  • Manual entry
  • Barcode scanning 
  • QR code scanning with a phone


Every business is different and easy customization is important.  Our team of software developers are experts in User Interfaces and can efficiently set up customer screens and functionality that allows you to get the most from your IoT devices.

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