Protect, Track, and Analyze the assets that drive value to your dealership with DealerTrax asset tracking solution

Benefits of the UBL Asset Tracking Solutions

Track where your cars are and who has them. Keeping up-to-date on your cars can benefit your business and keep things running smoothly. Easy to use software to visualize your cars location.  Available on a phone, tablet or a laptop. Alerts can be set up to notify users when cars leave specific locations or operate outside set parameters.

Data analytics and intelligence around vehicle usage are also available to improve the users bottom line. 


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How it Works

Install and Download

All you need is UBL Connect Software App and one of our sensors to start monitoring your vehicles and understanding how you can use them to improve your operations.


  • Download the UBL Connect App
  • Put a DealerTrax device in a car on the lot
  • Register devices
  • Start tracking your devices
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Real Time Tracking

  • Find a car on the lot with a click of a button
  • Know when a car leaves a geofence like the service department
  • Know where all your loaner cars are on a map
  • Receive an alert when a loaner car leaves a geofence like your town
  • Receive an alert when a loaner car is going faster than a preset speed limit

Smart Asset Tracking Hardware

Outstanding Performance:

  • Cellular enabled GPS devices to track location
  • Tough and tested hardware
  • Device updates location twice a day when parked and every 5 minutes when being driven
  • Two months of battery life

Connectivity in Any Flavor

Connect using any number of protocols.  Embed WIFI, BLE, LoRa, LTE-M, 4G, 5G and other methods inside of any device.  Use geometry specific to the device and UBL Connect to stay connected across your portfolio of devices.  Learn more about how every UBL Device and solutions supports any protocol to meet the needs of your solutions.

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