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Industrial IoT Connected Devices

The Unbounded Labs team of engineers and developers are creating a simple and easy to use connected IoT devices to provide the data that we then use to improve your business processes.  Our devices are made in our Tampa Florida facility and shipped across the globe to our customers.  


Our Connected Devices

Asset Tracking

Stay connected to your assets across the globe with UBL's Asset Tracking Solutions for industrial equipment and cars.

Weight Detection

Avoid material outages by knowing the real time weight of containers.  Weight can be converted to quantities to manage inventory.

Leak Detection

Avoid downtime and keep your critical systems free from leaks using UBL's Leak Detection Solutions.

Air Monitoring

Keep your employees safe from toxins and pollutions in the air using UBL's Air Quality Management Solutions.

Parking Devices

Parking sensors can be used to help you understand how to maximize lot occupancy rates by filling those last open spaces.

Custom Solutions

Work with Unbounded Labs engineers and developers to design, develop and deploy custom solutions to meet your specific needs.

How It Works

Smart Hardware

The key to UBL sensor devices is that it a base communication product with interchangeable sensor modules.  This allows us to build up different combinations of sensors in quickly and efficiently.

ConstructionTrax Sensor


Connectivity in Any Flavor

Connect using any number of protocols.  Embed WIFI, BLE, LoRa, LTE-M, 4G, 5G and other methods inside of any device.  Use geometry specific to the device and UBL Connect to stay connected across your portfolio of devices.  Learn more about how every UBL Device and solutions supports any protocol to meet the needs of your solutions.

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