BlueLine Leak Detection

Avoid downtime and keep your critical systems free from leaks using UBL's Leak Detection Solutions.

Detecting Leaks Right Now!

How It Works

All you need is UBL Connect Software App, a UBL LoRa Gateway, and some of our leak detector devices and you are ready to start monitoring for leaks in your factory, office, or home.


  • Install the UBL Connect LoRa gateway device
  • Put leak detectors where you need them
  • Register devices
  • Start monitoring the leak status of your equipment
Leak Screen Detected

Simple Red Alert

A simple red alert from the software to the panel, laptop, or your phone or tablet lets you know that a leak has been detected.  

  • Know if the floor is dry all the time
  • Send alerts to your PC, phone or tablet
  • Review how long the leak has been active
  • When combined with chemical storage ID, what hazardous leak cleanup process should be initialed

Just Put the Device on the Floor Where You Need It

Our BlueLine Leak Sensor is a simple device that you remove from the package and place on your floor where you want to detect leaks.  

  • 2 year battery life so put in place and forget
  • Can detect leaks on the floor
  • Can detect leaks from above
  • Rugged device has been approved by UL and CE
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