Parking Management

Manage and Analyze parking at facilities and jobsites using the UBL Parking Management Solution

Benefits of the UBL Parking Management Solutions

Track parking spaces and who are in them with UBL Parking Connect.  Maximize parking lot capacity by letting drivers know where open spaces are on their phone.  Use parking lot sensors in retail locations to improve time and accuracy of store to car delivery.

Easy to use software to visualize your parking lot spaces. For Laptop, tablet or phone. Alerts can be set up to notify users when car enters a specific space and leaves a space or can guide drivers to open spaces.

Data analytics and intelligence around parking space usage to help improve operations and make decisions. 

How it Works

Install and Download

All you need is UBL Connect Software App and one of our sensors to start monitoring your parking and understanding how you can use them to improve your operations.


  • Mount the in-ground or surface mount parking sensor
  • Download UBL Connect App
  • Register devices
  • Start tracking your parking
  • Have us use analytics to improve your parking management and in car delivery services

Real Time Parking Management

Track open and closed parking spaces and who is in the spaces.  Whether maximizing parking lot density or improving customer service for in car deliveries, UBL Parking Connect is the right tool for many different industries and applications.  Easy to use software to visualize your parking locations.  For laptop, table, or phone. Alerts can be set up to notify users when cars pull into a specific space.  Data analytics and intelligence around parking lot usage to improve the bottom line.

Grocery Store Pickup in Texas

Outstanding Performance:

  • LoRa enabled devices communicate if a car is in a parking space and data is communicated to gateway and to the cloud where store staff are notified about a car in a space
  • Tough and tested hardware
  • Waterproof to IP67 for outdoor applications
Parking Sensors at HEB

Connectivity in Any Flavor

Connect using any number of protocols.  Embed WIFI, BLE, LoRa, LTE-M, 4G, 5G and other methods inside of any device.  Use geometry specific to the device and UBL Connect to stay connected across your portfolio of devices.  Learn more about how every UBL Device and solutions supports any protocol to meet the needs of your solutions.

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